Exhibition at Soulangh Cultural Park, Tainan, TW, opening on August 16th

Most recent

Die Insel – objects and costumes for music theater piece in collaboration with collective [in]operabilities, a research on tactility and performance through other abilities. Premiered on 13th March 2024, at Kampnagel – Zentrum für schönere Künste, Hamburg. Touring Dates: Berlin / Radialsystem: 27 & 28.03.2024; Bazel/Gare du Nord: 16.01.2025; Zürich / Sonic Matter(TBC):  30.01.–02.02.2025.

Sunset in the Woods – monumental light sculpture installed at l’Étang de Chalais, produced by Hangar Y for Prendre le Soleil; the work will be visible from December 13th 2023 to Jan 8th, 2024.

Polytope, choreographic object at NOVA bienal, Rio de Janeiro, September-October, 2023.

Sunset in Parislight sculpture in collaboration with Mike Rijnierse. Presented on June 3rd, during Nuit Blanche Paris 2023. Visit website (under construction): sun-set.in

Primisi – scenography for Theater Rotterdam, Premiered on Nov 11, on tour til January 2023

Sunset in The Hague – 6-9 October 2022, Hofvijver, BlowUp Art Den Haag

Home: An Unfinished Project scenography for an exhibition in motion, Kunstinstituut Melly, Rotterdam, April 8-24, 2022.

Awa – Impro performance with inflatable, Ludmila Rodrigues & Fazle Shairmahomed, at Raw Dates #7, iii Project Space, The Hague, March 19th, 2022.

How to cope with a sunset when the horizon has been dismantled. Scenography for Nederlands Dans Theater / Holland Dance Festival. Premiere on Feb 3rd, 2022; at NDT/Amare, The Hague. Toured through Athens, Ludwigsburg and Barcelona.


Sunset in Delft, Highlight Delft Festival, Delft, 18-20 November.

ThickThat Those Beings Be Not Being, W139, Amsterdam, October 22nd – December 12th.


Taipei Dance Forum, Taiwan.

Skånes Dansteater; Malmö, Sweden, with Marina Mascarell’s choreography. Premiere cancelled due to the pandemic.



Sensing Tipping Points of System Earth – Book series at group show ‘Talking with Hands’, at
Fusion Art Gallery, Turin, Italy, November 2-30, 2018.

Wageningen University, Netherlands – August-September 2018 #100yearsWUR.

Polytope exhibition at FILE –Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica– São Paulo, Brazil – 4 July-12 August 2018.

Zone of Indeterminacy living sculpture plus books Hasselt, Belgium – June, 2018.

Politics of Affect performance at ‘Do Not Disturb’, Quartair, The Hague – 9-25 March 2018.

Paper Reliefs series for ‘Paperworks’ exhibition at Corrosia Theater Expo & Film, Almere, Netherlands, Feb 17 – May 26, 2018.


Flexor and Approximation  at Performance, Bodies, Objects, November, 2017 – January, 2018 at TETEM; Enschede.

Flexor and Approximation on show at Performance, Bodies, Objects, open lab, September 15th – October 7th, at Quartair, The Hague.

Kinesthetic Lab – Playing as Learning Process – Workshop, August 28th, KABK intro week, The Hague.

Residence CLOUD/Danslab, with Natela Lemondzhava, Ingrid Lee, Nico Urban, Natali Blugerman and Ludic Collective, from 25th May to 1st June; The Hague.

Polytope – performance at Quartair, during Hoogtij – March 10th, 2017; The Hague

Polytope – Exhibition ‘Higher by Spinning’ at Charlama Art Gallery, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina (Sarajevo Winter Art Festival/Sarajevskazima) – 8-11 February.

Marina Mascarell/Korzo Production in collaboration with NDT Nederlands Dans Theater, Dance Forum Taipei and Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona). Premiered on January 27th 2017 – toured through Taiwan, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain and France


The Grotto – Modern Body Festival – The Hague; Nov-December 2016.

WE | Agent-Based Choreographic Tactics – Workshop with Satoru SugiharaI/We/They – Modern Body Festival, The Hague, November 30th.

Polytope at Cinekid, Amsterdam, 16-17 October.

Body Maze – Workshop at Space Media Festival – Taipei, Taiwan, August.

Polytope at ‘New Dream New Future’, exhibition at Schema Art Museum – Cheongju, South Korea, July.

Polytope at Playful Arts Sessions – Bodies at Play – Den Bosch, Netherlands, June 3rd.

‘Fluid Dynamics’, installation for FAUNA#2, Hoop, The Hague, March 11th.


Polytope, performed with Sonolab duo, No Patent Pending #17, Quartair, The Hague, December 8th.

Propulsions, sculpture-performance with live sound improvisation, along Wen Chin Fu, Dodó Kis and Matteo Marangoni for Oorsprong Curator Series, Tolhuis (Amsterdam, February 2015).


K24, Room for sensorial cleansing – site specific/immersive installation – with Mike Rijnierse – Modern Body Festival, The Hague, October 17th.

Propulsions, a mobile environment and participatory performance, created for Parksessies Festival, Haarlem, July-August.

Selfie-Reflection, a game-situation for 17 participants in the public space, performed in Lana, Italy, May.

Room for Movement, site specific for the Winter Anti Depression Show, Marres, Maastricht, January-March

Earlier works

Flexor, installation and performance (2013). first shown during Spheres (Artscience Preview Show) at Korzo Theater, The Hague, May. Later presented at the KABK’s Graduation Show, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, July 2013.

Approximation – Performance and installation, shown at KABK, Stroom Den Haag (2012), TodaysArt (2013) and Rijksmuseum: The Deepest Sense Symposium, Amsterdam (June 2014).

Recursive Garden – A speculative performance on human beings as vegetable systems, for the efficient future of the species. A collaboration started with Daniel Berio (during GrowWorld, Artscience research group, March-April).

Meiosis – performance (2011). Eight people perform a sequence inspired by cellular reproduction and walk throughout a public space. Shown in the KABK, June 2011. Performed by Gala Tellechea Velez, Gaby Felten, Clara Lozano, Moritz Geremus, Charlotte ‘t Hart, Marloes van Son, John Fanning and Silvia Janosková.


‘DOTNOTATOR’ (2011) Performance presented at Z-Zondag (Villa Ockenburg) and Studio Loos, The Hague. In collaboration with Mike Rijnierse, Marijke van Gorp and Nenad Popov.

Cauim Experience (2010) – Reenactment of native Brazilian beverage making, in which women prepare the cauim (made from cassava root) by chewing, spitting and fermenting the collective saliva. The ceremony-experiment, held at the TactileLab/Artscience, was introduced by a short lecture on the broad cassava culture in Brazilian culinary.

Public Matter (2010) – Choreography for 70 people (permutations of walking, talking over the phone and standing still)The audience is sitting in the center of the room. Performed at KABK, June 2010.