Scenography for an exhibition in motion, at Kunstinstituut Melly, Rotterdam, April 8-24, 2022.

“If the body is our home, who is then our neighborhood?”

This question was the starting point to develop Home: An Unfinished Project, a performance-based exhibition by the ten participants of this year’s Collective Learning in Practice (CLIP). Home: An Unfinished Project is an exhibition in motion, re-imagining neighborhoods into dynamic rhizomes; reinventing familiar structures; creating different colored roots that support community development; encountering tensions, ideas of freedom, and the many different paces of others; of touching rough edges; of making connections.

Home: Room for Rest. Photo by Aqueene Wilson

Curated by Jessy Koeiman. Choreographed by Karina Villafan. Performed by Bianca Casaburi, Lola den Dunnen, Je-anne Dirksz, Simon Mensger, Seré, Elisa de la Serna Gallego, Lara Silva Santos, Repelsteeltje, Yoshi So, Alma Zijderveldt. Series CLIP (Collective Learning in Practice). Exhibition design by Ludmila Rodrigues, sound/music by Hyunji Jung, and costumes by Eduardo Leon. Produced by Pilar Mata Dupont.

Home: Room Uninterrupted. Photo by Aqueene Wilson

Friday 8 April, 7–8 pm: Open Rehearsal Part 1
Saturday 9 April, 3–4 pm: Open Rehearsal Part 2

Friday 15 April, 7–8 pm: Performance
Saturday 16 April, 3–4 pm: Performance

Friday 22 April, 7–8 pm: Performance Finissage
Saturday 23 April, 3–4 pm: Performance Finissage

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April 5, 2022