A glowing aquamarine body gently swallows visitors through its tight passage. The work explores the visceral feeling of being enveloped in an almost vacuum-compressed path of raw sensations. Texture, light, sounds are intensely experienced in close contact with the object. Walking through, provokes a brief loss of orientation, that is rewarded with a full body embrace. At once challenging and soothing, the tunnel allows for two people to pass in parallel, sensing and influencing each other – yet not knowing whether they will meet inside.

Photos and video by Louis B. Clarke

Comprehend – from mid-14c. English / Old French comprehender, or Latin comprehendere: com– ‘together’ + prehendere ‘grasp’, “to understand, take into the mind, grasp by understanding, to include;”

In Latin comprehendere “to take together, to unite, to include, to seize”; also “to perceive, to seize or take in the mind”, “to catch hold of”.

The site specific work was developed in the context of De Nieuwe Regentes Theater and HUBS Immersive Festival–8-9 Nov 2019, emphasizing a sensorial journey into the theater building in The Hague. Hubs Immersive Festival was initiated by Meyer-Chaffaud, in partnership with iii, The Grey Space in the Middle, and The Body of the Audience / Ludmila Rodrigues as of the guest curators of 2019.

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November 8, 2019